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I had been wanting to get up in Sarah lace for a long time. I finally got my chance at the 2019 Urban X Awards. I had no idea she would be there so when I seen her the first thing to come to mind was me getting in her pants. I said hi, we talked a lil bit and made plans to get nasty the very next day. Being that we do porn we had to get a camera guy. We did and the magic started the very next morning. She comes to my room in booty shorts ready to go at it. The only plot we could come up with was me walking down the hall leaving my room and spot her in the hall looking for a smoke hookup. Our minds had drawn a blank cause we were so ready to start fucking So we get thru all the role play and finally I was stripping her clothes off. Her lil tight body had my dick hard so damn quick. When she need how hard I was she wondered out loud would I fit all the way in her. I told we’d try. We eventually did but it was a tight fit.She was so eager as I went about breaking her in. I made sure I slid my dick in her from top to bottom. She took every inch no matter the position I put her in. I was determined to make sure I did. When I was done she was sore she later told me. mission complete Her pussy was wet, tight and so welcoming that I had to pump in her a hot huge load. Her pussy sucked it all in. This tiny Latina took some dick and thanked me for it

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