Maya Woulfe & Alexis Tae – Twinfidelity


Alexis Tae is relaxing at home when she gets a call from her twin, Erica. It’s immediately obvious that Erica wants something from Alexis. Erica is in a panic as she admits to forgetting her and her girlfriend Maya Woulfe’s anniversary. If she misses one more big event, Maya will surely break up with her. That’s why she needs Alexis’s help. Erica asks Alexis to impersonate her for their anniversary date, since she’s stuck at work. Alexis is shocked, but after some convincing, she agrees to it.

Later that night, Alexis arrives outside of Maya’s loft. She’s a bit nervous about impersonating Erica, who is more outgoing than her. She also doesn’t like the thought of fooling Maya. She knocks on the door.

A moment later, Maya opens the door and Alexis, impersonating Erica, greets her. There’s a hint of attraction from Alexis as she notices Maya’s sexy outfit. Maya is excited, letting Alexis inside.

Alexis suggests that they take a walk on the boardwalk for their date. But Maya gets a flirty look in her eyes as she tells Alexis that she’d rather stay in. Alexis is obviously tempted by Maya but tries to resist her advances. When Maya persists, Alexis takes a deep breath, telling Maya that she needs to confess something. She admits to Maya that she is Alexis, not Erica. But Maya has a confession of her own – she knew that Alexis wasn’t Erica all along. Getting an even more flirtatious expression, Maya leans in and kisses Alexis, who eagerly returns the kiss.

It’s safe to say that Alexis has no regrets about helping Erica!

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