Marley Da Booty vs Richard Mann


Marley Da Booty Moore has been a favorite of mine from the first moment she gagged on my cock many many years ago. We shot a lot of stuff during the years. But we had not gotten nasty in over 2 years. We always seem to be on the opposite of the country. I found out that we were both going to be at Exotica 2021 in Miami and I planned to drop her a line and see if she wanted to get nasty but before I could get the thought out of my mind I get a call from her. It was like she had read my mind from 3000 miles away. When I seen that number I knew just what she was calling for. The first word I said was yes…Did not say hello or anything like that. I just said yes and she told me the day and time. The convo when just like that. We were off the phone in less than 60 seconds. and just like that we were set up. There is no lead in or pick up or any of that crap, we went right to the fucking. Now Marley Da Booty has that, a lot of booty, so I knew Id be working up a sweat. Thats exactly what I love so I strip down and command Marley to drop to her knees like a good Slut knows to do. She stared at my dick and went right to work gagging and drooling and gnawing and worshipping Big Black Dick. Like I said Marley got a ton of booty and got to work to fulfill her. I love seeing her huge chocolate ass giggle and move. I love seeing her eyes roll back in her head. I love seeing her cum and her body shaking uncontrollably. I love fucking this woman. you always gonna get a great fuck outta Marley Da Booty. This is the Marley Da Booty that we all know and love but it seems like she was extra hungry for Richard Mann. She tore into me just the way a Slut should. Ladies and gents this is what fuckin is all about.

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