Kashai Grey – Starting Fresh


Step out into the sunlight with newcomer Kashai Grey. On location in Vancouver, Canada, Kashai starts her day as the photographer Cassandra Keyes captures her. “When do I feel the sexiest? Any time I take a picture with natural sunlight,” gushes Kashai on set. “What makes me, ‘me’ is my no nchalant attitude. I think it’s important to not let everything in life phase you.” For Kashai, humor plays a big part in that.

“I know how to make anything into a joke,” she laughs. “My humor goes beyond the realm of dark.” Kashai first discovered Playboy through television and movies. “When I was [younger], I watched the movie, ‘The House Bunny’ and I had no business watching that,” she jokes, “But I knew I wanted to be one of those girls frolicking in the Mansion!” Stay tuned for more from Kashai Grey, right here on Playboy Plus!

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