Destiny Cruz – Misson Impossible – The Nuclear Package


Mission Impossible – The Nuclear Package starring Destiny Cruz And Alex Jett The setting finds Destiny Cruz enjoying a relaxing day on her back porch when she gets a call from the National Defense advisor. That she has lost contact with her agent and there is a nuclear package loose in Los Angeles that needs to be retrieved by them both. She rushes into the office and gets behind the desk to communicate with her agent and locate the package whereabouts. Alex Jett (Jason Bourne comparison) finally rushes into the office with the package after almost being killed by assailants…

They then get verbally scolded by the Chairman of the National Defense and told that in the morning they would both go before a board to be reprimanded / punished. The two realize their careers are in jeopardy so they decide to make the most out of their time and the office by fucking in 3 different office locations. The first is in the conference room where they do some oral , doggy and miss on the table! They then goto the office desk and fuck on the chair. Finally they hit the office couch and fuck all kinds of ways as she takes his dick and fingers in her holes and he cums all over her face.

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Destiny Cruz – Misson Impossible – The Nuclear Package


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