Cinnamon Stackz Fucked by Jay Bangher

Atlanta’s own, all natural, nice perky tit and a round n brown ass with them cute red freckles all over her face. Her name is Cinnamon Stackz and her body is just perfect. I love how thick her legs are, she has these athletics looking legs; just nice, firm and long. Jay Bangher was ready to bang that pussy out. Her head gave was alright, she didnt get all the way nasty deep throating to her tonsils slobbering and spitting but, it was alright. Once Jay got into her pussy that’s when the magic happened. He was going in to the guts with her. ramming her pussy and hitting that pussy hard until she was making them ugly fuck faces. That’s when you know she getting fucked. You all going to love watching the full 1-hour black on black porn video.

Size: 3.01 GB | Duration: 00:52:18 | 1920 x 1080 | MP4



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