Avery Jane Vs Jason Michaels


Jason Michaels has a good win streak. He loves rolling with babes who like to scrape. Sex Fighting is the ultimate play with two eager and excited athletes ready to try to make each other cum. This sex fight is everything a sex fight should be. Both athletes put everything on the table and are willing to dive in for a fun competitive sex fight. Avery has no formal training in wrestling but she is a natural freak who loves a good snuggle struggle. Jason has a lot of formal training and knows who to roll in a fun and safe manner with any female all the meanwhile trying to win so he can take his prize. Avery’s sex fighting gets the best of Jason. Avery is able to get a solid 10 for one of the rounds and this makes Jason a bit worried he could lose. The winner is called after 3 rounds of wrestling. The winner claims their prize by fucking the loser and edging them to orgasms. Loser is left with an orgasm in the mouth.

Size: 2.32 GB | Duration: 00:40:13 | 1920 x 1080 | MP4



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